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Woodbury Tree Service

Woodbury Tree Service

Woodbury properties are beautiful; the trees should be as well, that is why hiring Cuttinge Edge Landscaping Services is the top choice for your tree service needs.  We are trained to perform precision trimming and removal of trees for both residential and commercial properties in and around Woodbury, MN.

In addition to great tree services; Cutting Edge Landscaping Services provides weekly lawn mowing, irrigation start up, and fertilizer and weed control services to proprieties in and around Woodbury, MN.

At Cutting Edge, our goal in providing tree services is to properly trim trees in accordance within Arborist instructions.  Anyone can cut limbs off of a tree; but proper trimming habits will help balance the weight of a tree and prolong its life by many years.  We pay careful attention to trim properly and this ensures success for the longevity of a trees life.

Our tree service crews are highly aware of the dangers that tree trimming and tree removal can pose; that is why we never rush through a job.  We carefully take our time ensuring the safety when we work.  Proper tree trimming services are vital for the health and appearance of your trees.

Our crew uses the best chainsaws, harnesses and equipment to ensure that the tree service or tree removal is well performed and never performed under par.  We love this aspect of our business; and we can prove it.

Please; contact us for all your tree trimming and tree removal needs.