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Woodbury Fertilizer and Weed Control

Cutting Edge Landscaping Services is your best choice for choosing a fertilizer and weed control service for your lawn.  In addition to our fertilizer service; we also provide weekly lawn mowing, tree service and core aeration services.

Fertilizer and weed control services should be performed with caution.  We believe in being good stewards of the Earth; and that is why we are highly trained and use the recommended amount of fertilizer and weed control products on your lawn.  This ensures that we are being environmentally safe for our properties.

Weed Free Grass-Fertilizer service

Healthy, weed free grass

With fertilizer and weed control, it is helpful to focus on other components for a healthy lawn.  One of our approaches for ensuring a healthy lawn is proper watering habits for the lawn. Each week, 1-2 inches of water is the desired amount to prevent drying out and resist weeds.  Another great approach is keeping your lawn longer during the summer months.  Mowing between three and four inches is the preferred length and helps with drought tolerance.

Our fertilizer and weed control service is exceptionally well performed in accordance to our soil conditions.  We are dependable and provide a high level of service that is not easily matched by our services.  We guarantee our service because we are committed to providing the best possible lawn care service in our area.

Please, contact us and we can schedule your fertilizer and weed control visit.