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Landscaping Services

We offer custom landscape plans fit to your budget and needs

Fire Pit with Pavers

Cutting Edge Landscaping Services builds excellent fire pits with a ring of pavers around them.  Fire pits are an excellent choice for a low budget addition to the back yard.  We can install small to medium sized fire pits in one day.  They are a great addition to the backyard where your family and friends can enjoy the cool summer evenings around a warm fire and bring “conversation” back into the relationship.

Paver Patios

Paver Patios are a great alternative to plain cement.  A well designed paver patio creates a functional space to be used with your friends and family.  The above paver patio replaced under this desk was a great addition by the home owner as the previous space was unused and only had grass.  Now, the paver patio exists to bring your family and friends outdoor to enjoy each others company.

Mitch Skolnik

Community Manager
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Timely Landscape Projects

Cutting Edge Landscaping services offers timely landscape projects.  Landscape jobs shouldn’t be rushed…but that does not mean we should be in construction phase at your property the entire summer.  We work efficiently to ensure quality service and a timely landscape project.

Creative Ideas

We offer very creative landscape projects to all of our clients.  What this means is that you can purchase one of our designs that will be quite different than any other project we have created.

Advanced Technology

By investing in the latest technology; Cutting Edge Landscaping Services ensures 3 important points.  The first is that your project will be performed not only correctly; but with a lasting quality.  Secondly, new technology ensures we are operating as efficient as we can, which means a cost savings for our clients.  Lastly, technology ensures we perform the service in a timely manner.  No more hearing landscape crews in your hard for the entire summer.

Clear Communication

Throughout every step of the landscape project, we communicate the process and update throughout the process.  This ensures you are satisfied with the process, and more importantly the project.

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